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Disney Mickey Mouse Bathroom Decor

Disney Mickey Mouse Bathroom Decor

What will you do to your kid’s bathroom? Is it funny decor, cartoon wallpaper, cartoon curtains, or what? You may go with Disney character cartoon. Indeed, and the most loved one is Mickey Mouse bathroom decor. This is the most loved decor or theme to the kid’s bathroom. If you have this plan, you may go easily in designing the bathroom for your kids.

Disney Mickey mouse bathroom decor has a beautiful and funny theme to apply for the kid’s bathroom. Let’s start with the wall paint. For the wall paint it is better to be decorated with this Mickey Mouse and friends in an action. For easy and clean result, just stick the wallpaper with this design. Second is the curtains design. The curtain is also a good element to go with this theme.

For the loveliest one with this Mickey Mouse bathroom decor, you also better to add the accessories. Accessories such the wall clock by the picture of Mickey Mouse, the cabinet that is attached with Mickey picture, the mirror, and all of the elements can be designed and applied this Mickey theme. Do not forget about color selections. Choose the color that will add the beauty of Mickey Mouse theme

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